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Has anyone ever...

As some of you know, Pebbles has had to go and see Uncle Jason for an op. He has removed what turned out to be a massive absess measuring around 2cm from her mouth, just under her eye. He also had to remove 2 molars (as opposed to the one we had hoped) in the process.

He is hoping that the area will heal, however, Uncle Jason has said that if it does not close, he may have to do something called something like 'marsupial' but Mummy can't remember the proper word despite only getting off the phone to him about 5 minutes ago. The thing is that Jason said that if he has to seal it in this way (which apparently involves sewing her skin) mummy will have to keep it flushed and clean for life. She doesn't have a problem with this but is worried she won't be able to do it properly. Does anyone have any experience of this or know how it is done and how easy it is?


Sweep-Bun, reporting from Pebbles side.


Hoppy Muthers Day!

Hoppy Muthers Day to Mummy Inga!! (And Granny Maddie!)

With much lub,

Pebs and Sweep


...plus 2.

Floppy and Gabby... 2 buns that Mummy now refers to as her 'plus two bunnies'!


Pebbles's eye infections are back - and Uncle Guy thinks they're here to stay.

Pebbles got another eye infection about 2 weeks ago and mummy checked her teeth. She had a little white popping out of her gum and mummy was almost hopeful that it was a tooth because although that would mean an operation, it may also have been the cause of her eye infection. However, Uncle Guy took a look and hopparently she has grown a 'peg tooth' since having her incisors out which Uncle Guy says is fine and won't bother her. He put her on what mummy and daddy have taken to calling 'the usual' (duphapen, metacam and tiacil) and asked her to come back in about 10 days. 10 days later and while her eyes were better, they were not clear of infection and so she has been given an eye drop containing steroid (maxitrol) and, after having this new combination for a few days now, her eye does seem to have really calmed down a lot.

Mummy asked Guy if Pebs will now be on duphapen etc. for the long term and he thinks that she will indeed be. However, he said that there were no serious long term implications for this except for the fact that mummy and daddy will need to continue to keep an extra special eye on her poos and they will have less pellet tokens!

Pebs however seems unaware that anything is wrong with her :) she managed to dig and chew (with a single peg tooth!) through the wee wee sensor cable yesterday and even managed to make mummy and daddy think that was great! She's bouncing around, racing me up and down the stairs and fighting for the best spot under the 2foot nestbox. What a superbun.

I on the other hand have taken up cleaning. I have been licking Peb's eye to keep her clean and Mummy says I do a significantly better job than she does with pads and cold tea bags. Therefore I too am a superbun!

Over and out,

Sweep-bun (eye-cleaner extraordinaire to Pebbles-bun)


Hoppy Noo Year!

Hoppy new year everybun!

We bowf have the same noo years resolushon - to cause as much trubble as we can.

Lub and licks,

Sweep and Pebs (Bun of the month!!!!! HOORAH! Thank you Cedric and Millie and your 2foots!! :) )

Sno days!

I discovered sno!! ... I LUB it.

Sweep on the other hand slept through the whole occasion.


thank you very much to everybun who has sent us a chrismoose card! they are super duper fantastic!

we're supposed to have been getting our photos taken for our chrismoose cards today but we are not behaving very well and all the photos are blurry.. We're thinking of asking Maddie for a new camera...


After having successfully completed one whole week off of duphapen without getting an eye infection, Mummy is now taking me to see Uncle Guy for my appointment with a 24 foot long myxi jab needle. I WILL NOT go in my carry case as it stinks of the other 2 buns Mummy thinks it's ok to hodopt and so I'm going to sport my green harness to see Uncle Guy today - complete with a blanket to keep me snuggly on the car seat. Furpect.

The buck in OUR kitchen.

There is some funny smelling buck in a pen in OUR kitchen. We have pooed all along the door to the kitchen so he knows that the lounge is OURS and it is not to be shared.


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